Science & Discovery

The Science and Discovery Zone of the attraction pays homage to the dedicated Irish Inventors, engineers and scientists. Many of whom you may or may not have heard of.

Explore & Experience

Science museumInteractive touch screen technology helps bring this room to life, with real experiments and figures to examine and touch. The visitor can truly understand and appreciate the work of the many men and women who invented items which we still use to this day.

Irish Heroes of Science & Invention

interactive attraction Never before have Irish scientists, inventors and engineers all been celebrated together in such a comprehensive way. An Offaly man, Henry George Ferguson, revolutionised the farming industry by designing and building a plough with a 3 point linkage to the tractor. His invention and design is still widely used today. A sample of the back end of  of a tractor is on view for all to see.

Fun & Learning

School tours figuring out a puzzle in the Science Museum Along with the tractor there are many more fun, weird and wonderful inventions and experiments on display throughout this section. Included is a commuter railway track, fibre optics displays and a link to NASA space station.

Other scientists & inventors featured:

  • John Philip Holland, Co. Clare, developed the first US Navy Submarine
  • James Drum, Co. Down, Inventor of the nickel zinc rechargeable battery
  • Ernest Walton, Co. Waterford, The first person in history to artificially split the atom

FAQ section

  • Are the Science & Discovery zones suitable for school tours ?

    Yes the Science and Discovery Zones are very suitable for school tours. There is a wealth of information on Irish scientists, inventors and engineers. Their inventions and research are presented in practical terms in such a way that school children can understand, and through online resources and touch screen technology the information can be made more advanced to suite the more senior pupils. There are also activity sheets and resources available for each stage in the educational cycle.

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