What’s Inside

The National Wax Museum Plus Dublin has a variety of fun activities, designed to cater to people of all ages and walks of life. Come take a look at what’s inside!

The museum is full of characters and exhibits, from historical figures to cartoon characters, and everything else in between. As indicated by the PLUS in the name, it’s not only wax figures either. The museum has much more to explore and experience, such as the Science and Discovery Zone, The Time Vaults. It’s great fun for all.

Check out our new worksheets here, they’re a great way to add even more to your Wax Museum Plus Experience!


Wax Hands

Wax Hands attractionWhat better way to commemorate your visit to the Wax Museum, than getting a mould of your hand immortalised in wax?

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Great Irish Writers

Irish Literary attraction & Museum The Great Irish Writers room pays tribute to some of Ireland’s greatest literary geniuses through the years. Come be inspired by their literary prowess.

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Time Vaults

Men of the 1916 rising Experience Irish History & Mythology from the Viking invasion, right through to the Good Friday agreement in the Time Vaults of History. Take a journey through Ireland’s varied history.

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Chambers of Horror

Hannibal Lector HorrorDeep in the Vaults lie the Chambers of Horror, filled with sinister characters and creatures. Enter at your own peril if you dare…

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Kid’s World

Things to do with Kids A world of fantasy and imagination where children can meet their favourite characters, and adults can become children once more. It’s a real family affair! Now featuring our new Puppet Theatre!

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Science & Discovery

Science Museum Discover and celebrate the many brilliant scientists and mathematicians that have graced our country’s history. Some you may know of, but many you may not.

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Music & Entertainment

Dublin's best visitor attractionMusic and Entertainment will always play a major part in a Wax Museum, and we’re no different. Come hang out in the Grand Hall and feel what it’s like to be surrounded by the stars, take some pictures and just have a really fun time!

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