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Night at the Wax Museum

4 stars, reviewed 7th of November 2014 on Trip Advisor by Constantin M

I was walking on the main  Boulevard and I saw the signs for the Wax Museum. I had some time to kill so i decided to see it. it’s an enjoyable experience you get to see some viking scenes, medieval Dublin and contemporary as well . Also have a good horror section, kids and much more. If you fancy something else after castles and churches give it a shot!


Great tour/ informative

5 stars, reviewed 5th of November 2014 on Trip Advisor by Cllr Neil M

Visiting on Halloween Spooky Factor up to 11, each room had some great insights into Irish History. The chamber of horror was first class as was all the all star area with pop/movie stars. A really enjoyable tour.


A must on your Dublin adventure trail

5 stars, reviewed 6th October 2014 by Ro Amon

Lovely and interesting museum for kids and adults, a chance to have your photo take along with your favourite Irish (and not only) writers say Oscar Wilde or actor Liam Neeson anybody or singer, Phil Lynott and of course many more . I go there once a year and love it every time. That’s the first place I bring my visiting friends or family, so I can easily recommend it. And they even have a small but relevant  horror chamber!!!




4 stars, reviewed on 8th February 2015 by Julie W.

We had a wonderful afternoon in here, it is not huge, but is a decent size. Upon entry we saw a lot of famous Irish men that we didn’t know but we still appreciated them, there are a few historical moments and a chamber of horrors of course, which made me jump once or twice. The music hall of fame had lots of Irish singers, Bob Geldof, Jedward and Phil Lynott to name a few, and surprisingly Elvis and Kylie Minogue.. If you are up for a giggle then go and have fun, if you have small children there is a fabulous area for tiny tots to explore and even some cartoon waxworks!

We considered €12 well spent, but as you can tell from our pictures we are not serious, we also invested €18 on our double hand wax model of our own hands! I think it was like €10 for a single hand.



5 stars, reviewed on the 12th August 2014 by Karen Lovett

“Great day today in the Wax Museum”

Great day today in the Wax Museum great fun had by all the family young and old (personal fav was the horror Chambers) also loved that you stocked Keogh’s Gluten Free Crisps in the Cafe, so many places forget about coeliacs, thank you.




5 stars, reviewed on the 8th November 2014 by Kenneth Lomena

“This place was loads of fun and worth every cent. I recommend anyone to try it.”



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