Haunted Halloween at Wx+

The Haunted Halloween Takeover @ Wx+   Warning!! Warning!! Beware of The Wax Museum this Halloween! The Museum has been taken over by monsters, ghouls and ghosts and we recommend staying away if you know what’s good for you.  A quarantine zone has been set up around the museum and we are recommending everyone to stay away and only come in if you absolutely have to! Avoid unnecessary journeys!  We have spotted evil clowns, gruesome witches, the evil grim reaper and even the pumpkin king, so stay away if you value your life!! They come out every night after 5pm, and can be seen hanging around, dead and lifeless everyday before the sun goes down. There’s only one way to get rid of these monsters! The pumpkin king has dropped little pumpkins all around the museum and if you can count all of them you may just help us get our museum back. So come down…if you dare!  

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