City Guide


City Guide – A Unique Guide to the City

Coming Soon: Our unique Dublin City Guide with interactive map featuring blogs, videos, images and useful hints and tips on making the most of  your visit to Dublin.

Dublin city guide

We’re very proud of our city, with our location being deep in the heart of Dublin and the museum being housed in such a historic building. We want visitors to not only enjoy the National Wax Museum Plus, but also everything else Dublin has to offer. Dublin is a vibrant city bursting with culture and atmosphere. We want to showcase the best attractions and events in the city to help visitors get the best Dublin experience they possibly can.

The aim is to provide visitors with the information to have the best time they can in Dublin, so people will consider making a return visit. The city has so much to offer, there’s something of interest for everyone. Whether it be international travelers, people visiting Dublin from elsewhere in the country or Dublin residents themselves, the City Guide aims to provide information for everyone.

The City Guide will consist of blogs on various topics, as well as interactive maps, interviews and much more. We’re very excited to be bringing you this information, because we love this city and want to boast about it as much as we can!


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