Murder Mystery at the National Wax Museum Plus

Murder Mystery at the National Wax Museum Plus

There’s been a murder at the Museum! Our long standing Wax Creator has been offed. It happened when all of the Waxworks were at the Wax Creator’s party… Or at least they were supposed to be… Join us to find the murderer of our poor Wax Maker and help us solve the National Wax Museum Murder Mystery.

The Small Stuff

The Murder Mystery can be booked in for specific evening events of groups of between 6 and 12 visitors and run between 6pm and 8pm at night at the cost of €15 per person. (Group booking discounts of 10% also apply). Each visitor will be assigned a character during the investigation and usually the event lasts 1 hour.

Your characters

The Reporter

The Detective

The Cabaret Singer

The Butler

The Janitor

The Musician

The Gambler

And more….

The Twist

Now we know that one of the waxworks is the killer of our Murder Mystery but what you might not know is that one of your team is our killers accomplice. This accomplice’s job is to completely throw you off the scent and frame one of the other suspects!

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