A Night at the Museum


A New night-time Immersive show at the Wax Museum Plus

A Night at the Museum

A Night at The MuseumThe National Wax Museum Plus in connection with the Irish Burlesque school is launching a unique Night at the Museum on July 15th 2017.

With new late opening hours the Wax Museum Plus is now allowing visitors to enter a secret world that comes to life only at night. Immerse yourself into this fascinating underworld at the wax museum in a new night time show – A Night at the Museum. lines between performer, audience and wax works are constantly shifting, pushing the boundaries between reality and imagination.

The audience is masked to encourage a sense of freedom allowing them to fully explore their surroundings and become totally absorbed in the worlds around them.

The first night will be celebrated on July 15th 2017 with two shows. The first at 8pm and second 9.30

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