History of Wax | Chapter 3 | Wax Re-imagined

The National Wax Museum re-located to The Lafayette Building in Westmoreland Street in 2017. The attraction was re-imagined and re-designed to offer an interactive visitor experience. The Museum introduced Augmented Reality this time round with an extra layer of creativity for visitors. There are hidden augmented reality stories all around the Museum that one can find with an android mobile phone

New Visitor Experience

After being closed for some years, it was time for a change. With a new venue, the museum was never going to simply return to what it was, the time had arrived to create a new visitor experience. The museum has been re-imagined as the National Wax Museum Plus. It now offers all of the wax figures which gave the original its charm, but also many other additional exhibits. The addition of the Plus to the name, indicated that the museum was to be more than just wax. Many exhibits were added, which stepped outside the world of wax into the realm of interactive exhibits. Educational Dublin Visitor Experience The museum now also features the Time Vaults of Irish History and Mythology. This area recreates Ireland’s cultural heritage down through the ages. Visitors can get up close an personal with many of Ireland’s historical figures immortalised in wax, and become immersed in the time with an experience of sight, sound and smell.

Enjoyment for the whole family!

The National Wax Museum Plus now offers a visitor experience like any other, whether you are young or old, culture vulture or thrill seeker. The National Wax Museum Plus offer the ultimate entertainment experience for all. The museum caters to both individuals, large groups and everything in between. Check out the many interactive experiences: Science & Discovery Wax Hands    

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