1916 Rising Centenary Celebrations

Easter 1916 Rising

2016 marks the 100 year anniversary of the Easter 1916 Rising, and the birth of the Irish Nation as it stands today. Throughout the year, we will be taking the occasion to celebrate not just the brave men and women who fought for Irish independence that during the rebellion, but all Irish people who are on display at the museum. It’s a chance to celebrate our great nation and the extraordinary talent it has produced.

Easter 1916 Rising Celebrations

As one of the top attractions in Dublin, we will be marking the Easter 1916 Rising with a series of special events. These events will celebrate each Irish individual who is on display at the museum. The museum celebrates all manner of Irish figures, from historical heroes to scientific geniuses, masters of literature to amazing actors, musical maestros and sporting legends. These special events will take place on the birthday of these significant people, a chance to celebrate their greatness even further.

A Celebration of Irish Heroes

We will be reaching out to the families of these fantastic men and women, to invite them to the museum to celebrate their birthday. For those lucky enough to have been immortalised in wax while still alive, we will invite them to the museum along with their family and friends to celebrate their birthday. (They can even have a chance to blow out their birthday candles with their wax figure!)

A Journey through Irish History

Of course the Easter 1916 Rising was not a standalone event. There have been many other standout events down through Irish history, many of which contributed or can be linked to the Rising. Our Time Vaults of Irish History exhibits show some of the most important events in Irish history, all of which can be linked in some way to the Easter 1916 Rising. Our exhibits include historical events such as:
  • The Viking Invasion
  • The Flight of the Earls
  • The Battle of the Boyne
  • The 1798 Rebellion
  • The Great Famine
  • Irish Home Rule
  • The Good Friday Agreement
Each of these important events will be commemorated on specific dates throughout the year, which will be included in the commemorative Easter 1916 Rising Brochure.

Commemorative Easter 1916 Rising Brochure

The men of the 1916 Easter RisingWe will also be producing a Easter 1916 Rising souvenir brochure. This very special brochure, will be available to visitors visiting during the Easter 1916 Rising commemorations. It will feature information on all of our Irish Heroes and their greatest achievements. You can view a list of all of our figures, featuring their dates of birth and what they are famous for here. Feel free to download or print the list.

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