Family Fun over Mid Term Break

Mid Term Break Activities

The week of Mid Term Break is a valuable time for your children to get that well deserved rest from school. But why not make it an active rest?

Mid Term BreakInstead of leaving your children to drown in the usual sluggish mood of idle days, treat them with an exciting and educational trip to the National Wax Museum Plus! This will give them the opportunity to stay creative and learn in a fun and interesting way. Plus, it might make that back-to-school-Monday less agonizing. All you need to do is gather your family and let yourself go to the flow of our interactive tour through history, science, literature, mythology, music, sports and a special section for the youngest members of your family – kids world.

wax-factorHave your five minutes of fame in our Wax Factor studio which places you in the midst of a famous music videos and bring a copy home.

As a cherry on top, make sure you make some molded wax copies of your children’s hands at our Wax Hands facility to remind you of the quality time you spent together.

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